Infant Toys for Development: Little Tikes #playwithpurpose

Let me just preface this post by saying a year or so ago, I never thought I would be blogging or interested in baby toys, their purpose, or which ones are the best. Priorities change so so fast …when you have a little one, he or she quickly becomes the most important responsibility in your life!
One thing I did NOT expect as a new mom was how early Calvin would be interested in toys and how important it would be that we have the right ones handy.
I remember when Calvin was only like 4-6 weeks old, he seemed bored just laying in his rock n’ play and my mom suggested we get him a play mat for our home right away. This way, he would have toys to focus on, grab at, and stimulate him. By 8 weeks he was grabbing at the dangling toys and could play independently for up to 20 minutes at a time.
Fast forward to 6 months, and this child needs stimulation constantly. He’s such a crazy little man, always grabbing at the things around him and very curious to discover anything in his line of site. Toys have been so important to have with us as we travel and take Calvin places in which he needs to be entertained. Little Tikes introduced me to the concept that products/toys can also be used as tools to help baby develop. That sounds like killin’ two birds with one stone –I’ll take it!
Two of Calvin’s new faves are…
The Little Tikes Shake ‘n Rattle Crabbie Ring designed to help baby grasp. Not only do I feel like this toy has helped him with ability to hold on, but he also mimics me after I shake it (and it’s not a super light toy!) The first time Calvin played with this crabbie, he was laughing hysterically!

And his Little Tikes Hide ‘n Seek Hermie designed to improve eye tracking. The little hermit retracts back into its shell as Calvin watches – and it vibrates at the same time. I actually feel like this toy has helped with his grasp as well because he tries to pull the hermit out of the shell to see its eyes. Isn’t it funny how babies love toys with eyes? I also like how you can hang this from a car seat handle or overhead play mat.

I also really want to get Calvin this Little Tikes Soothe ‘n Spin Octopus – he’s obsessed with any stuffed animals and the spinning motion is meant to calm baby before a nap. If you know us, you know Calvin needs as much help as he can get while trying to get to sleep!

What are the best toys you all have discovered for 6 months and up? Anything I should expect developmentally in month 7? Experienced mamas, let me know! 🙂
For more on these these Little Tikes toys, where to purchase and how you can #playwithpurpose- you can check them out here!
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the warm weather while it’s still around!


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