The Challenge & Reward of {Month Four}

How did we get here?! This little Koala is 4 months already! He has grown and learned so so much in just a few short months. I have no idea what we did before he came into our lives!
This month was unique in the fact that I’m back to what you could call “reality.” No more maternity leave or days where we spend all day cuddling & playing. Some friends asked me in month one, two and three, how I liked being a Mom and I said “ask me in a few months.” Not because I didn’t know if I liked being a mom yet (I did!), but because I knew that my current situation wasn’t what motherhood would be to me in the future. I’m learning how to balance my work responsibilities with the responsibility of raising a child. I’m learning to mix my ‘real’ life with Calvin’s and soak up as much of the infancy stage as possible. Can someone teach me how to both juggle, and freeze time, please?!
Month Four has by far been the most challenging, but most rewarding month yet. I think that those two (challenge & reward) will probably continue to go hand & hand through motherhood, much like many things in life.
We really wish we were closer to family this month, yet we love creating memories as a family of our own. I went back to work this month, yet my Mom got to come and stay with him for a full week during that time. We started daycare this month, yet Calvin is full of smiles every single time we drop him off and pick him up. Calvin caught his first bad cold & cough this week, yet our workplaces are flexible enough to let us work at home to care for our sick child as needed. We are busy all day, yet we get to come home to the sweetest little dude every night and weekend.
I’m learning that the toughest things we have encountered this month and will encounter in the future – all have a positive. This parenting thing pulls at your heartstrings and is honestly hard as shit, but it’s also the best thing we’ve ever done.
This cute face keeps us going and makes us want to be better – don’t you just want to squeeze him?!
We have a check-up on Tuesday, but we are guessing Calvin is around 17 lbs, as he is wearing 6-9 months clothing and size 3 diapers. He loves standing & sitting up (assisted), eating his hands, and anything else he can put in his mouth, and taking baths in his tub. Strangely, his favorite place to lay is on his changing table, and he is now sleeping in his crib, in his room at night. We think he might be starting to teethe, and we hope to start giving him baby food and/or cereal this week!
Here is his 4 month pic update 🐨
Thanks for checking in with our fam – I hope you have a great week and go after the dreams & goals you have set for yourself! That sounded super cheesy, but I’m so serious! Love you all.
💕 Kayla


  1. theplace91

    What a gorgeous little guy. I have a 4 month old too. Such a scrumptious age! Welcome to the parenting journey. I can already see that you’ve glimpsed the challenges but it’s so worth it. Unfortunately I’ve learnt that there is no freezing time but learning to look, count the blessings and slow down to enjoy, or even stay sane in the journey really helps. Love

    Liked by 1 person

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