{Month Three}  

I can’t believe that we are already through month 3 with Calvin – it has been quickest 3 months of our lives. I’ll probably say that same sentence every month. I have to say, he has officially stolen our hearts. I know they say this happens when your baby is born, but it really seemed to have happened for real this month. He suddenly knows us, watches us, responds to us, and I can’t really imagine being any more obsessed with him than I already am. I’m so thankful we’ve been given something…someone to love so much.
I’m going to keep this post short & sweet and share his 3 month photo update.
He is the craziest, yet sweetest baby – one second he’s shoving his hands in his mouth, climbing all over us, pulling out my hair and the next he’s super content and showing us the biggest gummy smiles.
This month we had our first visit home to Ohio where Calvin met so many friends & family members, we made another baby friend, got his vaccines, he had an all day #boysday with Dad, celebrated Mom’s first Mother’s Day, and learned we are in the 86th percentile.
  • Playmat and hanging toys – there’s a hanging monkey that plays music when you pull on it and he knows how to do it on his own now.
  • Carters elephant blankie – we’re definitely enabling this attachment but it really helps him when it’s time to calm down. It’s so precious when he holds it close to his face, not as precious when he’s trying to shove the trunk in his mouth…haha.
  • Practicing standing (with our assistance of course) – he could do this for hours.
  • Grabbing everything – sides of changing table, sleeves, moms hair, you name it.
  • Going anywhere in carseat – we have to take him out when we get home or he will sleep for hours.
  • Drooling – his drool has landed in my mouth multiple times.
  • Bath time – he took a bath in the large tub while I held him and he was kicking and swimming so much. He looked like a little swimming frog, it was so freakin cute.
Who are you? ^^We still have a cone headimg_2758^ I guess we can be friends^Sup?^ This smile melts my heart ^Then we became destructiveimg_2774img_2776img_2778
As always, thanks for following our family – love you all!
Stay tuned this month for several new exciting posts [including a few giveaways 😬]


  1. thebeautyofourimperfection™

    This is so precious! I completely understand- the months go by so quickly, even though some days are slower than others.

    Would love to hear from you on my most recent post <3,

    Liked by 1 person

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