{Month One}

Well we’ve made it one full month with our little man 👶 It’s been the fastest month ever,  yet we feel like he’s been been ours for much longer. I’m trying to soak up every second as I know how fleeting time truly is at this stage. My favorite things to do with him are try to get him to smile, kiss his little cheekies & chin, and allow him to nap while holding him. There’s something humbling about a baby sleeping soundly on your chest that allows you to be present, slow down, and enjoy that moment. For the first time in a long time I’m wishing time would stop right in it’s tracks.

Month One Fun Facts:

  • Sleeps for about 2 hrs at a time during the day and 3-4 at night
  • Loves his bath time – we’re hoping this means he’ll love the pool and beach this summer!
  • His arms and legs never stop moving
  • Can get his arms out of a good swaddle
  • Only fit in newborn diapers for a few days and now wears size 1
  • Can fit in his 3 month clothes
  • Has shown us a few good smiles
  • Has discovered his lungs and has shown us how loud he can scream
  • Loves his car seat and car rides
  • Is an expert at crossing his eyes 😳

Our Adventures so far:

  • Starbucks date with my friend Ashley and little baby Knox who is due in April
  • Shopping with Mom @ the mall
  • Target
  • Stroller walks around our apartment complex
  • BW3s to meet Craig’s coworkers
  • Triumph Brewery to meet my coworkers
  • Panera for lunch date with Mom & Dad
  • Small World Coffee, Princeton Library and long walk around Princeton Campus to meet new friends Lisa and baby Lucas
  • On the Border Restaurant with Laura
  • Visits from my family and our friends Max, Mary, Laura & Naveed

As you can see he truly does enjoy his car seat, car rides, and getting out of the house. He’s like his Mom, as we both get a bit stir crazy when inside for too long and we both need time outdoors every so often. His content demeanor while traveling allows us to get some fresh air, spend time with friends, and basically helps us to keep our sanity 🙂 Calvin also let me take some “1 month” photos this morning to share with you all! He’s so damn cute.


Thanks for checking in! 💕



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